Jon Lister - Barrister & Solicitor


Jon Lister


Firm principal and sole practitioner from 1975 – 2008.

Extensive experience as a barrister and solicitor in all jurisdictions in South Australia and interstate.

Engaged Laura Parham as associate solicitor in 2009 and Eleanor Whish-Wilson in the same capacity in 2013.

Jon enjoys his work and his reputation for putting clients’ outcomes first, ability and professional integrity.

Laura Parham


Laura Parham completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Adelaide and has a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Laura began part-time with the firm as a student in 2008 and was engaged as associate solicitor following her admission to practise in 2009.

She now has extensive experience in all courts including appellate work in the Supreme Court.

Eleanor Whish-Wilson


Eleanor completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of South Australia in 2012 and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at Australian National University.

She began as a law clerk with the firm in 2012.

She is now engaged as an associate solicitor practising in all areas of criminal law.

Derrilee Yaeger


Derrilee is the firm’s office manager and Jon’s legal secretary.

She brings an invaluable 30 years of experience (11 with Jon Lister) to her role. She is often the firm’s first point of contact with clients and their families.